Keeping Craigowan Green

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Craigowan is dedicated to providing a top conditioned golf course while maintaining full compliance with all environmental regulations and interfering as little as possible with our members' enjoyment of the golf course. Maintenance crews stay ahead of early golfers for as long as possible and then work in a manner which minimizes contact with players.

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Recent Course Upgrades

Over the last few years many upgrades have been done to the course to keep up with the ever increasing standards of golf course excellence including:

Environmental Stewardship

Copyright Dudek Photography-35.jpgOur goal is to ensure that our maintenance practices have a positive effect on the surrounding environment while providing a superior golf course to our members. We work hard to practice maintenance procedures such as aeration, topdressing and proper irrigation adjustments, all of which reduce the need for chemical controls.

We take pride in presenting an immaculately groomed golf course using environmental best practices and have effective plans in place for many of the environmental factors on the golf course including:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

The club has been IPM certified since the program began in 2004, and Craigowan was one of the first clubs in Ontario to attain IPM Level II certification. IPM is a process that uses all necessary techniques to suppress landscape pests effectively, economically and in an environmentally sound manner. IPM employs a two-pronged approach:

Part of Craigowan's approach to IPM is the selection of plant species for turf, trees and other plantings most appropriate to our particular climate enabling them to survive with the least amount of pesticide use, while maintaining quality playing conditions. Plant health throughout the property is monitored and recorded regularly to allow for proper management of specific problems as they arise.

Maintenance for Green Quality

Every operation on golf greens is ultimately used to enhance ball roll, either directly, like rolling and mowing, or indirectly, such as aerating to reduce thatch and firm the surface. The finest greens are the result of the most maintenance.

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